Full Set Premium Beautiful

Creating a perfect contour and well balanced posture

Premium Beautiful ( PB ) is designed 70% for healthy and 30% for beauty.. It is an incredible combination of its three pieces, Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle.. This three pieces work together to give 100% of satisfaction : 



·  It has LIFETIME WARRANTY ( FOC service for any damages )
·  It is custom made to fit all types of women shapes and sizes..
·  It is embedded with Far Infra-Red Rays FIR
·  It is made of high quality material - Akwatek & Akwadyne
·  It is comfortable - 360 degree elasticity
·  It has been awarded with SUPERBRANDS
·  Recommended by three International Chiropractic Association ( American/Canadian/Quebec


Premium Beautiful benefits :

·        1) It helps structure, shape up your body and guide your body posture at its correct position and at the same time cure back pain.
·       2) The excellent sweat absorbing material prevent production of fungus and bacteria hence reducing white discharge.
·         3)  Contains FIR which regulates the blood circulation while increasing metabolism. 
·         4)  Molding body to its best shape. All unwanted fats will be eliminated and all good fats will be spreading to the correct area - body will be curvier, tighter and firmer. 
·        5)  Improve skin complexion and removes away stretch marks and cellulite.
·         6)  Discharge toxin from your body through sweating and will make you feel fresher day by day.
·         7)  Prevents water retention.
·         8)  Help production of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers.
·         9)  FIR helps in preventing cancer and reducing size of cysts and fibroid.
·         10)  Increase the level of fertility for women who trying to conceive.
·      11)  Perfect tool for all mothers during confinement - helps heal wounds/stitches fast, restore energy and help to get back your perfect figure. 


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